Friday, April 15, 2016

Deepeners (With More Punchy and Rude Writing Than Usual)(Courtesy of the XX Erotic Hypnosis Peershare)

The useful information from this post brought to you by the XX Erotic Hypnosis Peershare and the insults to the audience are brought to you by me and MindPlayTop.

You've completed an induction! Good for you. And while you're busy eating your celebratory cookie, you're probably not sure what to do next.

The answer is to immediately start a deepener.  The instant the induction is finished, proceed immediately, with no hesitation, into a deepener. Put down the fucking cookie.
And I do mean immediately. Like "Three, two, one, sleep! AND got deeper, and deeper." And straight into deepeners.

When someone has just gotten into trance, especially for the first time, starting a deepener instantly is an excellent way to display confidence and to keep the momentum going. Leaving a silent gap is roughly like putting a megaphone up to their ear and asking "IS IT WORKING?"

One way to cheat here is to give the suggestion, "and any time I'm quiet, you find yourself missing my voice, missing how nice it is just to follow instructions, and every time my voice comes back, you feel amazing relief and relaxation flowing over your body."

What is a Deepener?

In case you've never heard the word "deepen" before, a deepener's purpose is to make a hypnotic subject go deeper into trance. Deepening a trance means increasing suggestibility, opening up possibilities for different and more intense and vivid experiences, and potentially getting to different trance states.

Here are some ways to deepen a trance:

  • Patter
    If you're casting around for a quick and immediate deepener, start with some calming hypno-patter. Even you can do it. This can be as simple as putting on your "calming" hypno-voice and counting down from a number of your choice or saying "and now go deeper, and deeper, and deeper, good. And deeper. And deeper. That's right. Deeper." You get the point. This will give you an opportunity to come up with a real deepener, you lazy fuck.

  • Visualizations
    Guide the hypnotee through a visualization. Visualizations require the subject to use their imagination. The combination of following suggestions and using imagination deepens trance. Examples include walking down stairs, sitting in a warm bath or taking a shower (which you can do research for by actually taking a shower, you dirty Bernie Sanders loving, trance seeking hippie), walking down a long corridor, bobbing in the ocean (tentacles optional), lying on a beach, writing descending numbers or their name on a chalkboard, or that glow ball nonsense. 

  • Body Relaxation
    If you've ever done any guided meditation, you have probably experienced a "body sweep." This is where the meditation guide painstakingly mentions every single body part and suggests that it should relax. Surprisingly, somewhere in all of the "and now relax your tensor fasciae latae," this is actually an amazingly effective deepener and can even be a great step towards inducing the Esdaile State (which is a super deep, extra suggestible, somewhat catatonic and anesthetic state). I like to ask my hypnotees to try and notice and hold the feelings of their pulse in as many body parts as possible. This is less relaxing and more about overloading awareness, but it's another good deepener.
    Other relaxation-focused deepeners are physically moving someone gently downwards. Take their arms from a raised position to a relaxed slump. 
 - Rocking
 - Rhythmic tapping
 - Paying attention to breathing
 - Blowing gently across skin
 - Blow jobs

  • Deepen with Suggestions

    Hearing and following suggestions is a deepener, in and of itself. This reenforces the expectation that suggestions should be followed, and also gets the hypnotee used to allowing their conscious, critical mind to be bypassed.

    One way to do this is to draw attention to a sensation that the hypnotee is feeling, and slowly suggest that it transforms to a different type of sensation. "Feel the warmth of my hands on yours? You might notice them getting warmer." "Feel how sexy this is? You might start noticing yourself getting a little more turned on."

  • Convincers

    Many hypnotists find success in deepeners designed to convince and reassure the hypnotee that they are under trance. I can't be bothered to re-write this, so here are two links. One is a link to an Inductions blogpost detailing Testers and Convincers, and one is a link to a youtube video of Jensen Ackles reading Misha Collins' fifteen year old resume. ~ Link ~ Roulette ~!

  • Rapport

    There. There's a link to a slightly less rude blog post about rapport and how to achieve rapport. Rapport is important. Tldr; deepening the rapport between the players naturally deepens trance.

  • Mantras

    Mantras are suggestions that the hypnotee memorizes and repeats. Mantras are suggestions that the hypnotee memorizes and repeats. Mantras are suggestions that the hypnotee memorizes and repeats. Mantras can be simple or complex. They can be unprompted or call-and-response. Mantras are a great way to occupy the mind of the hypnotee while the hypnotist is busy thinking of more things to do or hastily and clumsily shucking off their pants. Achieving a totally blank mind is difficult; pushing out all other thoughts to be replaced with mantras is a lot easier. 

Some examples of mantras:
"I am deeply hypnotized."
"I obey my mistress."
"I am always turned on by semi-colons; grammar makes me hot."

 Some call and response mantras:
"You're weak." => "I'm weak."
"How do you feel?" => "I feel so good."
"Trust me." => "I trust you completely."
"Do you need to be punished?" => "Punishment makes me a good boy."
"Does this seem familiar?" => "I'd forgotten until now, but of course I recognize my mantras written into a blog post, Professor."

Mantras are a great way to reenforce suggestions. I once awoke in the middle of the night to find a partner of mine who had been skeptical about whether or not he'd been hypnotized quietly chanting "I'm weak, I'm weak, I'm weak" in his sleep after a mantra scene.

  • Fractionation
    A poem 

Fractionation --

which is a real word
 (definitely not a lexicographical artifact)
NEVER concocted by a small-dicked white hypnotist
 pretentious-ass pipe
making up long words
 you know.
small pendulum.
 ~didn't work
still only 2.25 inches
(in 31pt font)

 -- is the idea that every time a subject goes under hypnosis in any given session, they go deeper than before. This means that repeatedly and/or rapidly bringing someone in and out of trance will deepen the deepest parts of the trance, and make the waking moments a lot more fuzzy and confusing (in a good way) and suggestible.
Here is a sophisticated graph tooled up by our engineers to demonstrate some of the psychological concepts detailed above.

And that's all. You've been deep'd.