Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Emergency Rope Cutting

When doing rope, always have safety shears or another safe way to cut rope.
EMT/Safety Shears

Here's a rope cutting hack that probably won't work. Imagine trying to do this with somebody suspended. You will likely make the original problem worse and then accidentally spin them a lot and make them super dizzy.

If you have to ever use this, you could probably be doing other things better in your rope play:

  • First of all, have safety shears. They're cheap. Here's a link to buy them online. They are as important as rope. Buy three pairs. Put one in your toy bag, one by your most typical play space, and keep one in your underwear at all times.
  • Secondly, bottoms in scene should give and be solicited for five minute warnings before they need to be out of rope. This isn't always possible, of course.
  • Sometimes bottoms aren't able to speak. In this case, create other signals. Bottom squeezes top's fingers. Weak squeeze might mean rope is too tight or in the wrong place. Possibly give the bottom something to hold in their hand or mouth like a bell or light-up ball that they can drop to safeword.
  • Then again, sometimes bottoms need to be out of rope suddenly if they are dropped or something external happens like a toaster oven exploding and the room or the rope catching fire. If you don't get the bottom out and they survive, they will leave you for the firepeople.

I would.

  • Tops should stay within their capabilities, and do new, advanced projects with advanced supervision. Rope is edge-play. All rope play is inherently dangerous. EMT/safety shears are cheap. Cheaper than Julian Richings' acting fee.

Which is what I assume everyone needs at or before their funerals. This dude *always* plays funeral directors. Or death.
But that cutting rope with rope thing could work.

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